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She's on top of me, squeaking every time she moves her firmly inflated vinyl body up and down, feeling my fully erect penis inside her tight vinyl vagina. Squeezing her perfectly round breasts with one hand while her other hand is holding me down, pressing against my chest, loving the feel of it, the smoothness of her vinyl hand.
To my surprise, another inflated girl appears from the same closet as the first one, a bit skinnier and redhead, as opposed to the blonde girl currently squeaking and riding me vigorously, hardly noticing the other girl. She walks slowly towards the bed we're on, giving me plenty of opportunity to get a good look at her long smooth legs, squeaking with every step she takes, boobs bouncing along with the rhythm. Gives the blond a kiss on the neck and lets her lips move to the nozzle on the back of her neck, biting it firmly and opens it, bites down and slowly blows into her.
The blonde is clearly turned on by it, though her moaning is almost muffled by the sound of her body squeaking even more as it slowly expands. Arms and legs bulge slightly, as well as her butt, belly and boobs. Feeling her vagina even tighter around my penis, loving it. Redhead closes the nozzle, presses it back into her neck and gropes the blonde hard on her boobs, I get a rush, feels like she's trying to burst them... She stops, seems like she's disappointed the blonde didn't burst, but none the less decides she wants in on the action, sits down on my chest in front of the blonde that's still riding me, squeaking and moaning more and more, grabbing the redheads boobs, giving them a good squeeze.
I'm just lying there, more horny than I've ever been, enjoying ever second of it...
Redhead takes one of the blondes hands, leaving the other to continue groping her. Takes one of her fingers, puts it in her mouth, squeaking as she moves it back and forth as she smiles fiendish at me, as much as possible with a finger in her mouth and gives me a wink, knowing that I got the message... She bites down hard and there's a muffled pop from inside her mouth as the blonde's finger was punctured. She hardly notices, still busy groping the redhead and riding me. Her vagina feels less and less tight, but the redhead is blocking the view, so I'm unable to see what's happening.
She moves the blondes hands down to my chest and I can clearly feel the air rushing out of the punctured finger, hands and arms flattening out, blondes head sinking down behind the redhead. She moves out of the way to let me see the sad remains of the blonde, all hunched over on my crotch, wrinkled pile of vinyl, as the remaining air escapes her.
The redhead grabs the blonde, feeling her hand around my penis through the deflated girl, jerking me off a bit before she pulls her off me, tossing the sad remains at my face, flat saggy vinyl boobs hitting me.
I take the poor girl and toss her on the floor, noticing that the redhead has quickly attached a hose to a large tank and is walking back to me, hose in one hand, brushing the other across my chest, touching and teasing my still very erect penis... Gives me that fiendish smile again, and whispers in my ear "So, how about that blow job I owe you..."
Finally something written by myself, hope you like it! Might write the second chapter, it anyone like it.
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TryalAndError Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The content of this story was good enough that I didn't even think to look for writing errors. I've honestly never seen this concept used before and it's pretty hot! I vote for chapter two to see what she does with that hose ;)
Banzure Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Thanks for the feedback (even more so because it's positive, of course ;) ) Still trying to figure out what should happen next, quite a few things could happen.
StereoMaster Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014
Just wow!
Banzure Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
Thank you :)
bubbleguy Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014
 Looks like blonde didn't mind defating
Banzure Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014
You just might be on to something there... ;)
Banzure Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014
Feel free to ignore any grammar of spelling errors, wrote this in like 15 minutes, didn't proofread :-P
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