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Everything was ready for tomorrow, and with little to no interesting videos left to see on YouTube, I closed down for the night, and headed up to my bedroom. On the way, I passed hers. We had been sleeping separately for a while now, not sure exactly why, but I guess the fact that I had gathered the courage and told her about my fetishes for living inflatable women, and large animal pool toys might have had something to do with it, the timing was certainly peculiar. To say she was surprised would have been an understatement, I still wasn’t really sure how she took it, she had always been supportive, there for me, through all of it, maybe that was just too much. Considered opening the door and checking on her, but it was late already and I didn’t want to add to the tension.

Made my way to my bedroom, tossed my clothes on the chair next to the bed, or as close to it as I could get without having to turn on the light, but when I got to the bed, there was something there… something under the duvet. What followed as much a shock as it was the best thing I had seen in months, if not years. Not counting my girlfriend of course, she was a particular kind of hot beyond measure.

A huge animal inflatable. Looked very much like one of those PuffyPaws Vixens I had been “researching” for a while, but pulling away the duvet, the difference was obvious. It seemed a lot more detailed, it had a mouth, more or less the O-mouth most blowup dolls had, actual breasts with valves for nipples, an impressive cleavage, further down it had another valve on its, or I suppose I should say her belly, I’m not sure you could claim that pool toys have genders, but if they did, it would have been pretty easy to tell. A somewhat large opening between her legs as well, I didn’t recall the original pool toy had that… still, I wasn’t complaining. Way down at her feet, she had a valve under each of them. I grabbed it, seemed a bit heavier than I would have imagined, but I was hardly an expert, always wanted a pool toy like that. Well, always wanted a living blowup women, but it didn’t feel appropriate to complain. Would have been silly anyway, seeing as I was alone with the pool toy. Turned it around and placed it back in the bed, it had a large valve right on the middle of its back, as well as a smaller one, a bit further down, just above its curvy butt.

I was exhilarated, to say the least… I could only come up with one explanation, she had found out. But how? Guess I should be better at clearing my search history… I wasn’t sure what to do about myself, should I go and wake her up, or… use the pool toy? If she just did it to tease me, to see how I would respond, I’m not sure how she would feel if I actually used it… Did she want to know if my fetish for inflatables was more important to me than her? I didn’t want to wake her, but on the other hand, I had a thousand questions for her…

After the initial adrenaline and exhilaration had subsided a bit, I came to my sense, mostly. I needed to know why she had done it, I would hold back my attraction for the pool toy, at least until we had a talk about it, when we woke up. But now that it was in my bed, I didn’t see any reason to remove it, or deflate it… I wanted to feel it against my skin, share a bed with it, fall asleep next to it. I flipped it back around, it’s vinyl boobs pointing to the ceiling once more, turned off the light, got into bed, lucky enough that it was built for two, because that pool toy was taking up enough space for almost one and a half person, got down next to it, and it was just as tall as me, and I was like 6 feet. Pulled the duvet back up, just large enough to cover the both of us, I tucked myself in next to the inflatable as I could, its arms were going straight out to each side, so I put my head on its… her left arm, proceeded to holding my arms around it, it was a new sensation for me, it felt tightly inflated, squeaked a bit as I squeezed it. I was still in unexplored territory, figured I had gone far enough today, after some sleep and a lengthy conversation, I would find out the why of all of it, and then maybe have my way with it… closed my eyes, and tried to get some sleep, with my new squeaky pillow…

It didn’t last long though. Her arm… started moving? All of the pool toy, actually… I could feel her legs bending, twitched her chest slightly, felt her head brush against mine… I backed away, as far as I could without stumbling out of bed, pulled the duvet with me, and turning on the lights, to make sure I wasn’t simply going crazy…

But it was true… She was fully exposed, me having pulled the duvet off her, her legs were spread and bent, feet resting on the bed, her right arm had found its way down between the legs, while the other had gone straight for the boobs, the sound of the squeaking was even more exhilarating than discovering her… She learned her head back into the bed, and started moaning, she was… Alive?! She kept rubbing her boobs, playing with her nipple-valves as much as she could with no actual fingers, her hands were just a thumb and the other four fingers were merged...  and vigorously rubbing between her legs as well… I had no words… couldn’t make myself move, do anything. I was certainly dreaming, and I didn’t want to do anything that would risk me waking up… But it wasn’t a dream, it couldn’t be, it was too real. But also too unreal at the same time, what the heck did my girlfriend get me… and why was I even thinking about her, when not 2 feet from me, laid the most stunning, amazing, sexy, curvy… swollen female pool toy I had ever seen. And she was alive. And she was very horny. And she was turning me on as well, a lot… and I think she had noticed…

While I had been staring at her, she had turned her head towards me, yet not stopping for a moment rubbing herself… she wasn’t looking at my face though, she was clearly looking at the growing lump in my boxers. “I’m not the only one that’s swollen, huh?” She said. She spoke? She could speak too?! I had left my imagination behind long ago, I couldn’t fathom that it was even possible, because… none of it could be. But she was talking, and she was alive, and she was real… “No witty comeback? You could at least make an effort!” she then said. I tried composing myself, as best I could… “Yeah, I’m sorry, this is all a bit new to me…” I stuttered. “That’s all right, I’m sure you can make it up to me somehow. Come on, get back over here, I miss feeling your arms around me. I’m not going to bite, couldn’t even if I wanted to.”, I think her attitude helped to calm me down, didn’t know inflatables were about to be funny, but then again, also didn’t know they could be alive… I slowly eased my way next to her again. Holding her was still a bit much, at least she had stopped rubbing herself, while it was a massive turn-on to watch, it stopping also helped to calm me down some more, it was all just a bit too much at once. She leaned over, resting on her side, I could feel her boobs pressing against my chest, and I instantly got turned on even more… and she was clearly aware of the effect she was having on me, and my feeble attempts at hiding it. “Nothing wrong with getting turned on by a lovely swollen Vixen like me, is there?” Vixen… yeah, that was a pretty accurate name for what she was… “No, not at all, I’m just a bit shy is all… Been into it for years, just never had the opportunity to… well, any of it, really...)” I replied, starting to feel a bit more confident and comfortable with the entire situation.
“Well, I would love to be your first, if you think I’m attractive enough, of course?”
“There’s little doubt about that” I said, making a gesture towards my boxers, I had all but given up trying to hide it by now. “But… there was a reason I didn’t do anything when I found you, I’m not sure if...” She stopped me halfway though my sentence, leaned towards me, her right leg moving across mine and resting between my legs, her boobs pressing harder against my chest and she slowly moved her right arm down my chest, feeling her swollen hand on me, gave me such a rush… Her hand found its way down my boxers and I twitched as it hit my dick… Feeling it grap around it, squeezing tight, the sensation of her vinyl hand around my dick was just… I failed to find the words… “Maybe there was a reason I’m in your bed tonight? Maybe you should just go with it?” she smirked, as much as she could with a vinyl face. She slowly start rubbing, back and forth, and I was loving every second of it. Nothing else mattered at that moment. Maybe she was right, maybe this was the reason… Maybe it wasn’t, but I didn’t care, I looked down her swollen vinyl body, her large breasts, her hand down my boxers, her swollen pussy… I wanted her, feel her, feel me inside that pussy… “Yeah… I soo want to go with it!”

She removed her hand from my dick, held it around my waist, pressed herself against me even harder, all though there was only so much pressure she could manage, being a pool toy. Still the feeling was amazing. Not as amazing as her jerking me off, but still… Soon she was lying on top of me, I could finally wrap my arms around her again, reached down to her butt and gave it a good squeeze, it was pretty swollen, just like the rest of her. We started kissing, and she rubbed her vinyl crotch against my boxers, I very much enjoyed the feeling, but I wanted more, I wanted my dick inside her… Fuck her hard…

She kissed me, being kissed by a vinyl pool toy was… something you just had to experience yourself, it’s far too difficult to describe, kissing me down my neck, she rested her head, and whispered in my ear “I want you inside me… Fill my pussy, BURST your load in me…” I got a rush though my entire body, if I wasn’t hard before, I sure was now. “I want you too”, I whispered back, almost got drowned out by all the squeaking...

She sat up, my legs between hers, her arms reaching down my side, pressing her boobs together as if her cleavage wasn’t impressive enough already… She moved her hands down my chest, grabbing my boxers and pulling them down, revealing my massive hard-on… one hand found its way to her pussy, she started rubbing it again at the sight of my dick, the other placed around my dick once more, jerking me off a bit, I could do nothing but lie there, enjoying it immensely. I didn’t want to do anything, other than that…

And then it finally happened… She slowly lowered her wide hips down, guiding my dick inside her vinyl pussy, I had “tried” blowup dolls once… This was nothing like it, I tried finding the words to describe it, but I pulled a blank, and I really didn’t care, I didn’t want to get distracted by thinking about it, I wanted to enjoy every moment of it… I felt as her butt hit my legs, I was all the way inside her, how deep was her pussy? I had never gotten that far inside a women, but I suppose she was outside of category… She let out a satisfying moan, clearly enjoying it as much as I was… She learned back down a bit, resting her hands at my shoulders, and slowly started moving her hips up and down, squeaking as my dick moved back and forth inside her swollen vinyl pussy. It went on for a short while, none of us said anything, we were just enjoying the moment, she let out a soft moan once in a while, while she smiled and looked at me, I smiled back, fully focused on the feeling of my dick deep inside her…

Something started feeling different, though. Not bad different, just… her pussy, it felt a bit tighter around my dick, it felt pretty great. She was already rather tight to begin with, but… it wasn’t the only part of her that was getting tighter, larger. I could feel her hips and legs pressing against me harder, looked down her body, and she was swelling up… Her boobs were almost spheres, slowing getting as large as handballs, her belly was starting to bulge out a bit, hips widening, arms and legs swelling as well, she grabbed my shoulders, making my gaze return to her face, as she started riding me faster, and harder… “Oh, I guess you don’t know what happens when an inflatable gets turned on, and gets hot… Well, it swells of course!” she laughed, but quickly went back to moaning, louder as she picked up speed, faster and harder… and the swelling did as well, she was getting very tight around my dick, but it wasn’t slowing her down, not even her arms and legs getting thicker and tighter, her belly now pressing against mine, as if she had a balloon inside. In a way I suppose she did, only, she was the balloon, inflating rapidly on top of me…

Her boobs were catching up fast as well resting on my chest, her valves had popped out of their sockets, though still closed, she no longer needed her arms to hold herself up, belly and boobs were doing an excellent job at it, she started grabbing her boobs, playing with her nipple-valves, and just kept on riding me, harder and harder, feeling myself getting deep inside her ever tightening vinyl pussy, her moaning was almost as loud as the squeaking and creaking, she had clearly come several times already, but she wasn’t stopping… I could feel myself getting closer, I wasn’t sure what would happen, if she could get too big, but I wanted to come in her, no matter what, helped thrust my dick as deep inside her as I could, almost there… she looked at me, and I at her, she was smiling and moaning “I’m not sure how much more I can take.... But I want you to fill me up, come on, BURST your load in me, even if it’s going to PO…”

And just then, I came, felt myself emptying myself into her, and at the same moment, she gave in to the pressure, learned as far  back as she could, with her massive belly and huge boobs weighing her down, she arched back, moaned louder than she had ever done, and then, just like that, the seam going between her boobs, down her belly, split open, I kept unloading into her, kept thrusting, learned my head back and closed my eyes, sighing at the loss of the Vixen, but at the same time, the most amazing sex I had ever had… laid there for a moment as I started to feel her vinyl collapsing around me, but… I could still feel her legs pressing on my side, and her pussy was still tight… not as tight as before, but still…

I opened my eyes, and got a shock as I saw her… My girlfriend??!! She was just sitting there, on top of me, the split pool toy around her, sitting inside it, still attached on her hips and down its legs… I was her I was feeling, I was inside her, inside the Vixen… She had been there the entire time! She just grinned at me, and moaned a bit, sliding up and down my dick a bit, still hard… She wasn’t even hiding the fact that she had clearly come as well…

“Huh, I guess your fetish isn’t all that bad after all, I’m just sorry I took this long to realize. But, why didn’t you just fuck it when you found the Vixen? It was easy enough to find out what you liked, I just wanted to make your first time special, all though I have to admit, I’ve played around with it a few times, before I was comfortable enough to get inside it… “ I was just speechless, and she… she was just having the time of her life “Oh, of course I filmed it for you, I know you have a thing for things like that after all, and it’s not like this toy is of much use anymore, I think we broke it, just slightly…” She pulled herself out of the remains of the Vixen, leaving it resting on my chest, dick still inside the vinyl pussy, rising up from the vinyl pile that used to be a gorgeous pool toy… She then laid down next to me, touching the vinyl pile, moving her hand down to the vinyl pussy, grabbing around it from what used to be inside the toy, jerking me off a bit, and then just proceeded to say

“So… what do you want to do tomorrow night?”
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ottto44 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016
Really good story! I enjoy your writing.
Banzure Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016
Thank you, glad you liked it :)
lopni Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with bubbleguy - a very rarely used plot idea, and absolutely unique ending. And I really loved the family spirit of caring and tenderness. You can feel the relationship. This homely cosiness is what I enjoyed the most

And you got me. I was very surprised when it appeared to be her ^_^
Banzure Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016
Good to hear it was a surprise, I as trying to not make it too obvious ;) And yeah, I wanted to try something a bit different, seems it worked out well :)
StereoMaster Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016
Good story. I knew, there must be something inside the toy!
Banzure Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2016
Was it too obvious? ;)
StereoMaster Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2016
Absolutely! But I thought, that his GF became inflatable too.
Banzure Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2016
Well, there's always tomorrow night... :D Though I'm not really into actual live women becoming inflatable.
SlayerSeventeen Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Excellent read!
Banzure Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2016
Thanks, glad you liked it :)
bubbleguy Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016
I think it's the best story of yours so far. Yiu have not just a sexy blowup gal, but also a nice plot idea.
Banzure Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2016
Thank you! Yeah, I have been lacking plots, wanted to try something different :)
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